boring sex

I didn't really know what else to label this as but I kinda just needed to vent and maybe get some advice. I've been married for seven months. I love him I really really do. He has never been able to make me orgasm while having sex, the only way I can ever get there is if I use a vibrator or if he uses it on me. Ever since I started using it I'm really not interested in having sex with him. I don't really see the point. It's nice sometimes don't get me wrong it's a good way for us to connect emotionally , but other than that I don't really like doing it. All it does is get him off and I don't really see that fair when we can both just masturbate and that way we both get off. 
I'm really desperate for some help or advice or anyone who's going through the same thing. I just want to know I'm not crazy. 
Thank you.