Who should serve time?

Charley Knows 💕
This is based upon a British TV show called Broadchurch. It's a detective based TV show that handle horrible murders, rapes etc. So throughout the series we get to know a woman called Trish who got raped at her friends 50th party. The clues all come together for the shocking reveal in the last episode. It turned out that Leo, a man in his mid 20's was grooming a young lad called Lucas. Leo had previously told Lucas to get drunk and sleep with his girlfriend. As they showed what really happened Leo had assaulted trish to ensure she was unconscious. Lucas was crying and screaming as Leo told him to do it. In the police station Leo didn't understand what he had done wrong with answers such as 'it's only sex, what's one more time going to matter' and felt he needed to teach Lucas how to be like him. 
Now we don't know the scentencing as it hadn't been discussed on the finale but both Leo and Lucas were arrested. However as they clearly stated Lucas was groomed do you think he should serve less time? Lucas still raped Trish therefore there should be severe punishment for that but what do you think about the grooming? Should it make a difference? Will it? 
My main question is who should serve the most time: 
Leo: who groomed Lucas and has committed previous rapes but not the one highlighted in the show. 
Lucas: who actually committed the rape on Trish 
Both: both Leo and Lucas should be scentenced the same 
Neither: unsure 
As mentioned this is a TV show and so if anyone would like any more background ask me. I understand this is a trigger post and I hope no one is offended by it. 

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