Story time cause I'm bored😂🤣

I'm bored so let's have story time lol what is the most weirdest/embarrassing get moment that ever happen to you or your partner during sex?? 
Mine is with my x he had a girl pittbull named lady and lady slept in his room in the Corner she never really liked me but she tolerated me I guess in her mind I stole her man😂 shii idk lol but anyway one night me and him was going at it and he was hitting right I mean lawd have mecry on my poor little walls cause he was knocking my 😻out the frame from the back 💦💦next thing we know his dog had came up behind him and started licking his ass I've never seen a real life Spider-Man till then he jumped on the bed so fast 💨 😂😂🤣🤣☠️☠️ needless to say she was confined to the garage after that