Family problems / RANT 🙄

Nessie • 💐
Me & my sister had a bad argument about a week ago about her disrespecting my fiancé & his mother (who she's met once). She doesn't care for him & has made that very known. We haven't text or called each other since. She came to the house yesterday to visit & we didn't really even say 2 words to each other. She took our mom out for dinner at Diary Queen & my mom just informed me today that my sister filled out a job application for me while they was their. I have a job, it's a very flexible job. I was thinking about taking on another one, but I dont think it's very fair that she took it upon herself to fill out my personal information & apply me for a job that I didn't give her any permission to do. I think I have the right to choose where I would like to work & it's almost like she's making all the decisions for me without even telling me. I'll be 21 May 5th & she still tells me to watch my mouth when I cuss. She's going on 30 years old & she lived with our parents along with her husband until last year. She's only been on her own & had her sh*t together for a year. I don't think she has any room to tell me what I need to do or how I need to do things. Me & my fiancé had our own place & was doing very well for 2 young adults. Things happen and we ended up back with my mom. I have a job, I own my ranger, I pay my part of the bills & I'd like to think I'm doing pretty well for myself. Their was absolutely no reason for her to do what she done.