My baby is a ninja warrior! 2 hospital visits in 48 hours


Let's start with this- babies are weird!! Just got back from my 2nd hospital visit in 2 days. I was having intermittent pain all day that radiated from my left hip up to my right ribs. After this 2nd visit, we finally have a cause!!! The baby has decided to wedge her shoulder into my left hip, and her legs up behind my right ribs. We caught her on ultrasound stretching and kicking!! Damn diagonal baby made it look like we were having contractions!! But nope! Just a weird baby.

Relieved that nothing serious was going on, but happy to know that our L&D is very supportive and quick to respond. In and out in 2 hours. Still painful as all hell, but knowing everything is OK is cathartic. 31w5d