Am I Rude?

Well I admit it, me and My Ex got into a huge fight at school and It wasn't noticed by anyone because we were both in a classroom with a teacher and We were arguing over stupid dumb stuff regarding our ex relationship and he said some things That hurt me. 
Saying that No one wants me because I was sexually molested and Raped by two different people. (Both Female) is all my fault. 
So I lashed out back at him. Saying this in exact words: 
"Well No one asked you to date me, no one asked for you to be here at school, no one asked for you to cheat on me and lie to me and no one certainly asked for failed birth control and a broken condom pal, so do yourself the right favor and leave. Don't let the wood chipper hit you on the way out." 
And I'm starting to regret saying that, Because I feel like I hurt his feelings...I don't know. I was just really angry at what he said.