My Missed Miscarriage Horror Story

Hey guys so I just wanted to lay it all out there. Mother's Day is quickly approaching and it feels good to talk about. 
So I saw my ob at 5 and then 6 weeks for dating purposes and was given a due date of March 24, 2017. I went in for my 12 week paperwork appointment and hadn't heard the heartbeat yet so they tried with a doppler. 3 dopplers and 2 nurses later, they did an ultrasound to confirm a miscarriage. The baby stopped growing at 7w4d and my body didn't give any signs. No bleeding, no cramping, and I continued to feel bloated and pregnant. The only change was that my nausea went away but I didn't worry because I was told symptoms can come and go and that's normal. Since my body didn't do it on it's own, they scheduled a D&C for two days later. We left that obs office, I chopped my hair really short, and got a huge rib tattoo of my angel that night. Had the d&c, bled and had INTENSE cramps for 2.5 weeks. Had another emergency D&c because they didn't get everything the first time. Another week goes by and I'm still bleeding so they did ultrasounds to find there was still "stuff" in there. They did A THIRD d&c. By this point I had been bleeding for over a month and had missed so much school I had to withdraw from a class. That's the end of my long story but I skipped a bunch of details since this is so long. If anyone wants to reach out and has questions or wants to talk about their story, I'd love to. Lots of love to all of the women who have experienced loss as well. Xoxxoxo