I feel like I deserve so much more *praying for a husband*

These past couple of months has been tough because another one of my friends has gotten engaged and my bf and I are still just dating after 7 years and 2 kids he always say we will eventually get married because he loves me and wants his family together but I have to be on my best behavior or I have to prove to him I want to be a wife or the best excuse he doesnt have the eXtra due to student loans smh....in my mind I feel like I have showed him such I have been loyal to him a great mother to our kids work full time and feel like I have my priorities together...myself and our kids stay with my mother due to the fact that I don't believe in shacking b4 marriage I just feel like to be under the same roof I need to be married to him..I have not been perfect but I have been praying for a husband that is God sent and I want to be a God sent wife for someone if it's not my current bf because he seems like marriage is not that important to him