BEGGING for your advice!!!


Hey y'all! I am in need of some answers...hopefully this has happened to one of you & you can share so I am not in so much of a panic mode. Over the weekend I took a home pregnancy test, 2 First Response and one cheapie from the Dollar Tree. They all 3 showed up, but the First Response was much easier to read. (I will attach photo)

A little history: I have one tube and one ovary...and have had a miscarriage in Feb. 2016. Just started TTC (trying to conceive) again in Jan. 2017. 

This morning I call my OB and leave a message for the nurse to inform them that I got this positive test over the weekend so we can get some betas going. While waiting for a return call I go pee and it was some very light pink spotting (water like; sorry TMI). I am only about 12DPO...last AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) was 4/11 and due again tomorrow. (Note: no pain or cramping, nor clots) The nurse calls back and I let her know about the test and what had just she request that I come in. I go to the ofc and they do a Ultra Sound--which of course didn't show anything other than my uterus lining was thickened...they did a urine test there and it was negative but the Dr. said there test was much more sensitive (required HCG to be 60, which was odd to me) so it could just be early. I went for my lab work & my HCG level is 19.9. I will get the progesterone level tomorrow. I AM DEFINITELY PREGNANT! Is this extremely low? Are they all different and it's okay as long as they double? Please help, I have a to. If questions running thru my head! Also tonight I have had more spotting which is a brown type color. My regular doctor was out of the office today but his "sub" mentioned it being implantion bleeding. I am really freaking myself out. Still no cramping or pain whatsoever. Any advice or help would be great so I can possibly ease my mind tonight! Thanks so much in advance 😘😘