feels like our relationships over

my partner & myself have been together for 5 years since we were 18, since then we've have 2 kids. In all honestly I feel as if we might've started our family too early (don't regret our decision one bit) but our relationship is boring to the core -_- we don't sleep in the same bed, we hardly have sex or show any affection, I'm a stay at home mum and his work is seasonal so his home the same amount of time he works but when he's home he just plays the game or spends time with himself/friends while I'm with our kids. We have no quality time together, not even as a family. We don't do outings, dates, we can even sit in the same room together & I feel alone . Our relationship is like 2 sour room mates and I HATE it. No matter what Solutions i suggest, he's not interested & yet he won't leave, he see's nothing wrong with our relationship while I'm stuck being unhappy. I'm so unsure of everything it feels as tho I'm stuck in a rut in a marriage of 50 odd years and we're only 23!!! Please help me help us! Xx