Am I pregnant? 8 tests negative!! 3 months late?

So I've missed 3 periods now going on 4 and within the 3 months I've taken 8 pregnancy tests and they've all came back negative. I don't know what's going on.. I'm not on any birth control, me and my partner don't use protection or anything but I'm finding it weird because the tests are negative. We already have a 7 month old daughter, and whilst I was pregnant with her 1 test showed straight away that I was pregnant so if I am pregnant again I don't know why it's coming up negative. If I'm not pregnant and I've missed 3 periods now I don't know what could be wrong with me. Today I thought I got my period but it was just slight spotting and that's what happened last time I was pregnant with my now 7 month old daughter. Someone help???!!!?