Worried about steroid shots

Yuliana • 🧒👧🏻
Hello everyone, I'm a little concerned and wanted to ask for help. 2 weeks ago at (34w) I went to l&d because I was having contractions so my ob/gyn gave me 2 rounds of steroids to mature baby's lungs in case they couldn't stop the contractions, it worked and now I'm 36+3 and will be induced after I hit week 39 (scheduled Csection). My concern is how high are the risks of my baby passing meconium in the womb because of these shots?? I've read this could happen when the baby is "fully cooked" and im so so worried. I lost my first born last year at 40.2 weeks so you could imagine how crazy/stressful these last weeks are for me, any input is appreciated 💕 tia