Trigger Husband's friend investigated in child molestation

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....this is long drama filled but here ya go I need advice please!!!

So my husband's friends(married couple) have never liked me mostly because I was a criminal justice graduate trying to get on the police department(I went military and am going to try to go PD after my contract is up). They were pot heads selling out of there home and I just wasn't into that scene and while I am pro legalization, in our state it was and is NOT legal. So hanging with them could have potentially fucked my career. I was never rude I just didn't care to hang out every other night at there house smoking, drinking and playing video games. I was also a single mom so time was always a issue. (School night party hell no)

Due to this and me not adding them on my facebook and later blocking them (he called my husband fat i wasnt cool with that)they gave my then boyfriend an ultimatum(mind I was always polite never rude or said a bad word against them just fine going downtown to sit at the park or talk occasionally) he could either choose them....or me. I always encouraged him to hang with his friends and basically have his own life. In the end he said fuck it I choose her..... 5 years down the road he's stopped smoking pot, stopped smoking period, has had 3 job advancements, we have an amazing home, he adopted our oldest son and we now have a new jelly bean who he adores!! We are married happy productive etc.

On the other hand his old friends have went....downhill. The husband ended up being put in federal prison for drug related issued and his wife later accused him of molesting there toddler son.... this later came out to be a lie (She admitted it and has mental health issues which "were why she did it"). He and my husband reconnected while he was in jail and they are on talking terms and keep getting friendlier.

After she admitted to lying(mental breakdown) and the charges were dropped the two of them hooked back up and have now had another child. But they don't live together? I am baffled by this but honestly just want to stay OUT OF IT. And while I have the philosophy of "I will never choose who my husband does and does not befriend or drive away his friends" this is fast becoming a gray area. And I have out a hard line on NO ME NO KIDS he is welcome to whatever but I won't and the kids won't be around this.

Personally I cut off my own sister for her drug shit and abusive spouses after the police came and searchrd MY HOUSE for her! So it's not just them, I don't play with my kids lives. I told my husband the other day that while I'm happy he is reconnecting with old friends to "please be safe and wary around these individuals"....his response "you just don't know how hard it's been cutting them off"......prettysure my face said it all... WTF I CUT OFF MY SISTER the hell I don't know "how hard" it is.

The advice I'm looking for is.... am I handling this right? Am I wrong to "stone wall" them and refuse there friendship I guess? Is my husband wrong to be hanging with these people? Am I wrong to think they aren't healthy in our lives? Should I just let shit ride how we are now or should I make an effort?