So I'm just a little over 3 months pregnant and I've been with my s/o nearly 5 year we planned this baby. We don't have a perfect relationship and been arguing a lot lately, I was just curious so I went onto his laptop and went on the history.. my heart sank.
The history was just full of porn and one search " fuck local women tonight " 
On this night we had a argument can't remember what over and I stayed at my friends. I can't stop crying. I don't know what to do I mean I know he didn't go and sleep with another person this night as he blew up my phone with texts and calls saying sorry etc.. 
But why would he feel the need to search that??? I just need to get this out my system 
Ps I found this tonight but it's dated back to 27th April and there's nothing searched like this since then other than porn. 
Also didn't know what group to post this in