boys like it too

Just a post to remind everyone that their men like to be told how handsome/sexy/beautiful they look too. Mine personally has some struggles with his self-image, and it means way more to him when I tell him his hair looks nice, his skin looks good, he's handsome or pretty or sexy, etc. than it does to me. I see tons of things all the time about how the man goes crazy over a selfie of his girl, or his reaction to seeing her all dolled up, etc, and I think it's equally as important to show your man the same kinda appreciation. I like to be complimented here and there, but personally I can take it or leave it because it's not very important to me, and I forget sometimes that my bf loves to be reminded how much I love looking at him, so here's a post to remind myself too to compliment them more often ☺️❤️