Do I have OHSS?

I had 16 eggs retrieved yesterday, came home and slept most of the day. Yes, I was bloated, but nothing two Extra Strength Tylenols didn't help. Fast forward to this evening (the day after ER) and I am bed-ridden with continuous pain and discomfort, sometimes stabbing pain. I even took a Codeine (which I had previously decided I wouldn't take) because the pain was so bad. I'm worried this will get worse tomorrow. My abdomen is slightly distended, but I can still urinate fine (I'm actually waddling to the toilet frequently, ha!) and I do not have shortness of breath. I've gained 2-3 pounds since the procedure. I really hope my symptoms are normal as my 5 day transfer is scheduled for Tuesday. How do I know if it's OHSS? Help!! This is worse than I ever thought it would be.