2 year wedding anniversary: PLEASE HELP

So our 2 year wedding anniversary is coming up and we are taking a vacation next month! I set up the date perfectly to when I was supposed to be a week and half from my period, well my period decided to show up yesterday which means I will be on my period for half of our trip! I'm trying to find a birth control method to stop my period from showing up then (wishful thinking) I was hoping some of you could help with suggestions of what I should do. I was reading about the pill and the patch some people said you can just skip the "period week pills" and just keep taking the white pills to avoid your period. I also read that you wear the patch for three weeks and one week you don't wear a patch so that your period will come, but if you just put a new patch on will that delay my period for the week of vacation? Any information will help, this is such a special vacation we have been waiting for and I really don't want to ruin it with my period. Thanks in advance