Ummmmmm? UPDATE 1

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Is it possible to go through what you thought was a miscarriage in December at 13 weeks with the ultrasound showing no baby and then now all of a sudden still be pregnant with no positive pregnancy tests? It would have to be the baby I thought I miscarried and I would be either 26 or 28 weeks I can't remember. My due date was June 28 but I'm freaking out! I've been feeling this weird kicky feeling in my abdomen a couple inches above my belly button and to the left a little for about a week and a half now. I dismissed it as gas but I just saw a perfect little foot imprint poke out of my belly! I've had a shit ton of pregnancy symptoms no period for this entire duration and I've been gaining weight and can't seem to lose it. All my levels have come back normal and nothing is wrong. I've not gotten a positive test since I found out I was pregnant in if I'm correct October blood or urine. I thought I was infertile but I seriously think I might still be pregnant and the little bugger has managed to evade us! I mean I saw a foot! I mean fuck! Is this possible? Please tell me I'm not dreaming. Has this happened to anyone before? What do I do? My doctor would never believe me. Help!

UPDATE 1: UPDATE 1: Alright so I've called 3 separate doctors and all of them think I'm imagining things and won't give me an ultrasound so I'm going to save up money for one from our private clinic. I called them and it's $300. Luckily I'm a cam girl and I make that in a couple hours so I will be going to them soon. Oh bodywise I lost what I think is a mucus plug this morning. I felt like a sharp pressure and then there was some mucusy blood that came out of my vagina and then it stopped. The kicking is more persistent and I'll try to get a photo of it for you guys. Sorry for the wait on the update.