Could i still be drunk or hungover?

Zayla • 🏳️‍🌈
So it's the girl from yesterday who regrets her first kiss. Hey. I feel asleep last night because my stomach started to hurt and i was feeling dizzy. I drank a mouth full of fireball yesterday. Under some peer pressure. Stupid i know i should of stayed home. But i did what i did and cant take it back even though i would love to. So anyways i woke like 30 minutes ago and im still feeling dizzy. I took a shower to wake me up right now and im still kind of stumbling all over the place just a little. So am i still drunk? Or not? And how can i cure this because this person from yesterday and today is not me at all. And i want to be me again. So is there anything i can take right now or what? Any comment would be nice.