my baby shower brunch

My baby shower brunch is next month and I'm so excited! I live so far away that I don't get to see any one and I have no friends. I'm not doing the traditional baby shower, I'm having a nice brunch at a very nice place on the water! My them for my son is sailor so I picked the perfect place! I'm not asking for gifts it's more like a come eat with me rub on my bump take pics and eat a beautiful baby cake! I'm sure people will buy gifts but I'm not asking or making a registry I'll get what ever they would like to give my baby!!! But I'm soooo happy and I planned it all my self I can wait! I have pics a few days before! I'm going to get my hair and make up done!!! I'm just so happy!!!! And then I'll have less then 10 weeks for lil baby I'm so happy im crying!!