Weird af cycle on Nexaplanon


Hi everyone,

First post right here! Please don't mind my English, it's not my first language 💖

So I had my second nexaplanon implant fitted in August and recently (the last 3 months) my periods are driving me insane! Roughly it's about 10 days on, 10 days off.

My implant has migrated somewhere in my arm, up to near my shoulder, is it possible that it's not working as it should do?

With my old implant, I used to get a period of like 5 days every 3 months, so this is just a bit weird, and I just started a new relationship so the cycle struggles are real 😌

Edit: I've been tested for everything STI wise, so it is just a cycle question. Has anyone else had implant troubles with their second one not acting like the first one??