What shall I do?

Ok so I got married in December 2015 and have a beautiful 7month old baby girl. I recently used to live with my parents in England (UK) my hometown. I have moved out to my husbands hometown (Pakistan) as he is there due to work. He lives with his mum and dad who only visits on the weekends and small brother who is about 12. They have a maid in the house who told me that my mil says bad things about me such as I take my baby with me when I go out. What else am I suppose to do! Leave my baby with my mil. Basically my mil bad mouths about me when I'm not there. Everyday I shower and leave my baby with her whilst I shower, I was told her shouts at my baby behind my back. My baby is currently teething and does cry more than usual which is normal. But these comments have really hurt me. I don't know if I'm being over emotional. But to my face she acts all nice and tries to be sweet. Behind my back she is something else. Even to my parents she's always saying nice things. I thought she really was a nice lady but she isn't. Even his brother always listens when I'm on the phone to my family. He watches everything I do. I can't even do anything in peace without him listening or watching. I can't speak to my husband as he will only see his parents are right and I'm wrong. I'm going back to England in a short while and I just can't wait to get away from them. But meanwhile what is the best thing to do.