when is too early to posts??

Apryl • 🇨🇻🇵🇷👭🦄🍀
So there are a lot of superstitions as to good luck and bad luck.. it's your chose to believe it or not.. When do you think is the right time to post pictures of your belly (when your pregnant) and when you should post your newborn pictures or pictures of your newborn I heard about waiting till your 3 months when your pregnant due to miscarrying which I go by andfor newborn I don't know o think about the 3 months mark as well but don't always quite believe in the whole "bad luck" posting the baby to early but I do believe there are so not so nice people out there so I get why people wait and somedont.. I love both my kids and I've had my older brother amongst some other people say why don't I post my now 2 month old and when I did why do I cover her face with emojis but in my opinion my princess is fresh and so precious to me I caint an don't want to post her yet well to instagram or snap and social accounts like that but there was some sneak peaks of her quickly on the 3 second snap videos but what y'all take on posting a newborn and when it's ok for you to.