anyone else have to rock their 1&1/2 year old baby to sleep?

Ever since we moved our 1&1/2 year old sons crib in a different spot in his room to make the room look a bit more spacious, we've had to rock him to sleep. I used to be able to give him his bath (which we still do routinely) and walk him to his crib, dim the lights, turn his music maker on tell him good night, then walk out of the room. But since we moved his crib, he literally screams bloody murder if we try and put him in the crib, so now we've been rocking him to sleep. Which sucks because sometimes he wants to laugh and giggle and toss and turn in our arms then he eventually falls asleep, and when he does, we are able to put him in his crib for the night. So it's taken so much longer and tiring some days to put him to bed now. Does anyone else still rock their baby's to sleep. Our dr doesn't believe in the cry it out method, says it could be dangerous for little ones for their neurological development and their little brains developing. That they are still babies and need that comfort. And it's not healthy to let them CIO.  so we don't do CIO method. We do try and let him cry for about 5-10 minutes at a time, but still doesn't work. Is rocking to sleep bad until we can teach him otherwise??