The quest for baby #2

I Want to share my story so that I how it can help someone else. I'm very recently pregnant with what will hopfully baby number 2. I'm not super excited because 2 years ago I miscarried, my second pregnancy. Once my SO and I were able to ttc again, we started trying. I went a year without getting pregnant, and then was on Clomid for 4 months and no luck. My grandma is the one that suggested I start taking Vitamin E. So before I did, like a good Millennial, I Googled Vitamin E, and found a plethora of information that not only was great for aiding women in fertility, but men also, as well as helping women who have had multiple miscarriages, to carry to term. I have been off Clomid 2 Months, and taking Vitamine E for that time frame. I finally got my BFP!