Has anyone had trouble with orgasms after c section?

Tracy • I am about to turn 35 eek it's freaking me out I love my son who's 4 not saying sometimes i love him less when he goes to his grandma's sometimes we need a break my physical limitations make it difficult! Anyways love movies tv ect...I really hate filling
I've had 2 c sections only one son though sad story but different topic anyways I dunno if it's phycological or physical, I've had the worst time getting there and of course I don't feel quite as sexy and kid makes huge difference bc lol everytime I get close he cries or makes noise to come get him or my husband makes it worse by rushing any tips or tricks I should know bc this is frustrating I even have a open hall pass for other dudes and that doesn't appeal to me either and before ppl start judging that comment it's bc my husband wants me to have a good time we have open trust and luckily he doesn't want another girl his drive is just low anyway back to question and help lol what can I do to get back to O town