omfggg is this really a positive opk??? I've never ever gotten a positive

Ky 8-15-17👼🏼 & 10-28-17👼🏼 Pregnant with my🌈💕
I'm 23 and I have been ttc for 15 months. I have taken ovulation tests the past year with wondfo strip tests and have never gotten a positive. I've been to my obgyn for lots of tests and bloodwork and my prolactin came back a little elevated each time which she said could be why my periods are all over the place and could also be why I've never gotten any positive opks and I could also not be ovulating possibly. So she referred me to a fertility speacialist which I'm going to be seeing soon about my prolactin and to get the ball rolling getting pregnant. Today is CD 12 and for the heck of it decided to take a opk (already knowing in my head that it would be negative) and when I looked at the result I about shit. I never thought I would everrrr see a positive opk. I got a flashing smiley face. So then I tested 4 hours later and still got a flashing smiley. Is this seriously legit?? These clear blue digitals don't give false positives do they??? I cannot even believe it