What would u do/think?

So the other day my boyfriend was invited to a party that was being thrown for some graduates but he told me that only he was specifically invited (not sure if they knew about me) so he was invited and so I stayed at my place and hung with family earlier in the day. He had a fuss about that. Idk why. But when i tried to communicate he wasnt respondig. Well around 9pm I decided to call him just to see how things were going because I hadnt heard from him or knew if he had even left. So I call and its going straight to voicemail. He then ignored 2 calls and texted me asking me "DO NOT CALL. Text me only.". I was a little confused. Like ..Ok. Now normally I wouldn't be too concerned but here's the thing. We have some trust issues on his end particularly because when we were 18 he cheated on me with a 15 year old.. Its been over a year. But he had cheated on me twice that year. Now I'm just wondering. Do u think his behavior asking me not to call during a party is Ok? I'm concerned because they're YOUNG females and he has a past with that. Now . He hardly replies to my texts but flips when I take 2 or less minutes to reply. demanding I text him immediately when I'm with family. How do I deal with this. I love him but I feel like he has double standards..

Please Help!!😔😞

P.S we have been together for over 2years