Me and my husband are both active duty military

Me and my husband are both active duty military. We've been married for about a year now and it's been the hardest year of my life.
​Currently me and my husband are seperated, not by choice though... I am stationed in Fort Drum, NY and he is stationed in Fort Bragg , NC.
​Yes it is very stressful and very upsetting that we can't go home to each other every night or even get to see each other as often.
​Me and my husband have been tryinng to get pregnant for 10 months now and honestly it put me in a depression that I couldn't get pregnant. We thought something was wrong. But finally I started tracking my ovulation and what do you know it worked 😊
​The crazy thing is that me and my husband have been sepereated since before we got married and we've been trying everything to get together and finally we got the good news that he would be moving to me! August is when he'll be here in NY with me! I can't wait and I think it's just amazing how we've been trying to get pregnant and all of sudden when me and my husband are finally being put together. IM PREGNANT ❤️ God does work in mysterious ways and i could never be more grateful 😊