So this is a bit of an interesting one....


My partner and I have been trying for a little while, properly trying for 5 months.

I went to the doctors after multiple negative OPKs and negative pregnancy tests.

They told me to come back for full bloods on the my next CD21.

So I was excited for finally resolving whatever issue we were having.

My cycles have been crazy over the last 6 months - 56 days, 43 days, 21 days, 37 days.

So I wasn't surprised when I hit CD51 a couple of days ago.

But I looked in the mirror and thought, I look kinda pregnant? At least bloated. So I took a test and the positive line showed up before the control line! I took 5 more...all definitely positive.

Got a digital the next day. Pregnant!

The only thing I'm a little worried about is the fact I should be 7 weeks, yet the test showed 2-3 weeks (so 4-5 weeks) is this because I didn't use FMU?