pelvic pain ouch!

On the first day of my March period, I experienced excruciating pain through the cramps I was feeling. It was quite overwhelming to the point where I felt nauseous, my face drained of all colour and I nearly fainted in my bathroom, I had to lie on the floor and remove my clothing because I was actually sweating.  The next period was nowhere near as painful, however my most recent period once again, on the first day the exact same sequence of events happened only at night time. I couldn't sleep, took painkillers but it didn't ease the pain, I didn't feel any relief and fell asleep with the pain ongoing. I know periods can be really bad but is that not taking the piss a bit, the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. I've also noticed a pain in my pubic area, to the right, it's quite sharp and sore but it only hurts every once in a while. I don't exactly know how to describe the pain that circulates my legs, I'd say it's a dull ache that just filters down them. 
Any advice on what I should do? Thanks in advance