my birth story

I went in on my daughters due date May 24,2017 @6 am for an induction it took till 3am the next day for my water to break  a lot of stuff they did through the process was wrong and I'll explain after my water bag broke  I was only 1cm  it took all day just to get to 3cm  and again by 3am the next day I opened two cm more in one hour yes I was feeling it trust me breathing through it crying through it you name it and yes I did take a epidural just kinda wore off  when I dilated those two cm  this day was hard but by 3pm I was fully opened  they started  to have me push for 4 hours. It was so painful  I actually had to demand a c section and luckily I did because she was sideways in me shit she didn't even have that soft spot on top of her head like newborns do like she was over ready  anyways I had my daughter on May 26,2017 @6:45pm she was 8.1lbs and 21 1/2 inches long  she was so beautiful  but the next day I got a fever they gave me antibiotics and everything went down within the hour till the next day I got the fever again and I went into shock they had to call rapid response team  they did  CT scan on me for my lungs. And then a chest x ray found out I had bacterial infection in my blood and bacterial infection in both my lungs so I had to stay in the hospital for an extra week come to find out I was fine and healthy through out the labor  but then I caught that after the c section I found out if I was release the nxt day I would of died that's how bad of an infection I had. I caught through it though for my daughter and if I had to go through all this again to have her I will she is such a blessing  welcome to the world Aaliyah Rose