She's here!! Greta Gertrude 6/10/17

Greta Gertrude (named after my dear Grandma Gert) born on June 10th (due date, 6/27).  My husband and I are completely in love with our sweet girl!
I was planning a water birth at my birth center, but ended up needing to be induced for high blood pressure (which turned out to be preeclampsia.) One 12-hour round of Cervadil got me from 1-centimeter dilated to almost 3 and shortly after it was removed, BAM! My water broke on its own accord. Labor probably started 8-10 hours into my Cervadil, but active labor started almost immediately after my water broke around 9:00am Friday. She was born at 1:31 PM after just 8.5 hours of labor- no pitocin needed and I stuck to my plan of avoiding all pain meds (I was just determined to get this baby out fast!).  I still can't get over how FAST my labor was. I had quite a bit of bleeding and some massive clots afterward, but the nurses took care of me. We're hoping to go home today- hang in there, June mamas! They'll be here before you know it :)