Doesn't trust me😟

Devon • "I think Coolsville suck..NO DON'T RECORD THAT!"

So I'm having some issues with my boyfriend. I tend to have more guy friends than girls, but my boyfriend thinks it's weird because he thinks that guys only talk to girls to have sex which most of my guy friends are asexual have a girlfriend or have sex with a million other girls. But we've all established that we are in the friend zone. So I got a new phone I've been using it a lot and snap chatting my friend Dalton who's about 2 to 3 years younger than me and has a girlfriend. So my boyfriend try to grab my phone from my hand and I told him to stop and he said "I hate that you have a new phone because now I can't trust you" which really bothered me because I haven't done ANYTHING for him to not trust him he knows my phone password and he can go through it at any time that he wants to.

We were in the car and talking about it and he goes "it's not that I don't trust you I don't trust the guys" but he was the one who said "I can't trust YOU" and we kind of had an argument about it because it's like if you can't trust me your girlfriend then why are we together I know he's the jealous and territorial type but he seriously needs to chill, because it's very rare for me to find a girl that I can actually hang out with it or have a conversation with...seriously I only have like 3 friends that are girls (#1 lives 7 hours a way bff #2 is busy with school and work #3 is my roommate) and about 6 to 10 guy friends. I don't hang out with my guy friends everyday and I don't talk to them everyday so I don't know why he feels like they're a threat and our conversations have no flirting what so ever. (Even though he likes to say we talk everyday and flirt) All of my friends know I have a bf, and if we have an issue I'll talked to them and see if I'm over reacting or what and their all very non-bias in the conversation so I just don't understand why since he only talks to girls to sleep with them and assumes my friends are the same "because their guys and he knows how they think" What do I do!?

Sorry it's so long