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Hayli • Wife & Mom of two.❤
I've read a couple posts the past couple of weeks about finding out the baby has Down Syndrome. Let me tell you, just because your baby has Down Syndrome, doesn't mean your baby can't achieve things we can't. I have a brother who has been my best friend for 23 years. He has went to homecomings, bonfires, dates, proms, and he has even graduated High School. Just because he has Down Syndrome doesn't mean he can't do what I do, it just means he has his own pace of doing things but CAN achieve ANYTHING he wants to. My brother has been riding a bike and swimming since he was in kindergarten, he's learned to read and write, and he currently has a job. You don't have to treat your child different. Yes, sometimes you may struggle but it's so worth it. I wouldn't trade my brother if I could. He is the happiest and most loving person I've ever met. He knows no stranger! My son who is 7 has never noticed anything different about his uncle. People may stare, but let them! God has blessed you and you don't even know it yet! "Down Syndrome isn't a burden, how people react to it is." 
He thinks he is Todd Manning💕
The first picture, he is holding my son. 7 years later, my daughter 💕