embarrassed of my Libia

I'm new to this so hope I've posted in the right place! Sorry if not but it's to do with relationships anyway!!. I'm extremely embarrassed of my Libia because of my boyfriend. Been together 2+ yrs and he often makes comments about it not being normal and tells me I should have surgery to make them look better. He's told me they are the reason why my other relationships haven't worked out because men don't like them "big" I mean they aren't huge but he says that's why no other man has stuck around. Im so embarrassed and hurt by this. I feel disgusting about myself and have severe confidence issues 😢 I recently went to the drs just for a check up for my down below region as I've been having spotting just before my periods start. The dr had to take a swab just to rule out infection etc. Everything is perfect fine down there 🙌🏻🙌🏻 my doctor said it all looks perfectly healthy. But I'm still so embarrassed because of what my boyfriend says. It makes me feel like if I ever broke up with him no man would love me or want me or want to be with me long term because of my Libia 😢😢😢💔