reacurring dream

I've had this dream probably 4 times in the last month. It's bizarre and I am interested in getting some input.. The dream starts out my SO and I in a really crappy ghetto little house, we stay in the living room the whole time.. You can hear dogs barking and people out side and see the street lights through all the broken blinds (something that really stands out to me) we start playing fetch with a baseball, like I'm his master and he's my submissive acting like a dog. At the end of the game he brings me the ball and has me bite it until all of my teeth start breaking and falling out, then my face is covered in blood and I'm
Running around fixing the blinds and crying. The last time something different happened at the end, after running around and crying I said Ouch! That F***ing hurt! And he said, IT DID!? Oh my God are you ok? Like he really cared.. I am pregnant and I know that can cause for some crazy dreams and the obvious theme I see in it is a power struggle. Any body have any ideas?