shower cake πŸ™„


So I had my baby shower yesterday, and just wanted to bitch to you guys about how badly the bakery I ordered from ruined my order. The rest of my shower was wonderful but I'm so upset over how the cake turned out. I placed my order for the cake and two dozen cupcakes last month and then two days ago I went over the order with them and made sure they had it. They confirmed it was written down and they could do exactly what I wanted. I get there to pick it up, an hour before my shower, and THEY DIDNT MAKE MY ORDER. She tried saying her phone crashed and she missed a bunch of messages and probably didn't see my message, and I told her how it had been confirmed twice. Well she knocks our price down from $105 to $45, and promises to make the order and deliver it to us so I didn't care too much. I was upset because I was so looking forward to it, but as long as we had it I was okay, and that was a hell of a discount after all. Well they delivered my order like 30 minutes before it was time to end the shower and y'all aren't going to believe this. I ordered two dozen cupcakes - they only brought one, and it was the wrong flavor. This is what my cake was SUPPOSED to look like -

This is what they delivered to me after promising me she could do it exactly like in the picture -Β 
Y'all, look at the baby they put on my cake.Β 
At first I was so pissed off but I decided to not worry about it, I had a great turn out and so many gifts for my daughter and at least we had a cake. It was an ugly ass cake, but as long as it tasted good who cares. Guess what? It tasted awful. It was so dry and obviously old. We decided to let the shower run late and go to the grocery store across the road and pick up a premade sheet cake and it honestly looked and tasted better, and was only $15. I was so sad over my cake because I was honestly sooooo excited for it, ever since I found that picture of what I wanted and then they ruined it like that.
To top it off, their boxes they deliver cupcakes in (because they didn't have my cake covered up or anything) ask for people to leave a review on their Facebook page - so I did. I was honest about what happened but made sure to include that they gave us a discount and were very nice, but a friend of the lady who runs the bakery comments on the review I left trying to argue with me! She called me ungrateful, said I was being a spoiled brat, and said I should put my "big girl panties on" because they gave me a discount I shouldn't be complaining. Oh my gosh πŸ™„ I had to tell y'all about my awful experience with this placeΒ