just feeling down.

Lately I've been feeling so unsure about my self. I have felt essentially like the ugly duckling who can't do anything right. I go to work and all I hear is how beautiful a my other female coworkers are. I mean it's RAVED about, so much so one of my male coworkers came to me and just ranted about how beautiful a girl we work with is. Like I'm seen as one of the guys. I mean they are pretty gorgeous but Jesus! Then I come home to the one man who's supposed to make me feel special and beautiful but all we have done lately is fight and he couldn't care less about having sex. Then last night he tells me the only reason he's been bingeing on the tv show he's been ridiculously obsessed with for the past two weeks is because he thinks the main actress is "stunning." I know I'm probably over reacting but I just feel so gross in my own body. I've tried talking to him about it but he just makes me feel like I'm a terrible person for just wanting some kind of acknowledgment especially from him. Am I being to sensitive?