someone tell me if I'm crazy

Am I wrong for being mad that my boyfriend (who I don't live with) didn't come to our 12 week appointment (that he knew I had terrible anxiety about because of all the genetic testing being done) because I didn't go and pick him up...? He drives and has his own car but "didn't feel like driving". He didn't even ASK me to pick him up. He just said "I'll go if you come get me cause I don't feel like driving". He lives SO out of the way for me and it was already time to get to the appointment and we had plans for him to come get ME! Also, I feel he should be driving ME to the appointment especially with all the blood that was gonna be taken and the vaginal exams. He thinks he's right and that it's my fault I didn't get him. And I think it's ridiculous that he basically chose not to come and didn't drive his damn self let alone me too. Idk.