Anyone with recurrent early miscarriages


I'll try to keep this as short as possible, but my story isn't exactly short. Please stick around and try to help me if you can!!

I feel so broken right now. Emotionally and physically. Like what the heck is wrong with me? Why is my body failing me over and over and over again? I need advice, stories, experiences, prayers, words of encouragement. I feel so out of control.

My experiences:

2008- first pregnancy, early miscarriage

2009- my son was born💙

2010- pcos diagnosis after periods didn't return to normal following birth of son.

2013- got off BC pill, started trying for #2

2014- got pregnant, normal pregnancy until 14 weeks when I started passing blood clots. Ultrasound showed baby had passed away at 13 weeks😢

2014- Now. I have had 7 consecutive early miscarriages, usually in the 4th week but some have gotten to the 5th. I am experiencing my 8th chemical pregnancy right now I believe. I haven't gotten blood test to confirm yet, but 2 tests last night were way faint and this morning was negative. Always a sure sign for me that it's over. I was 4 wks 4 days yesterday.

Here is what I know after seeing an RE and getting testing done.

1. Mthfr c677t heterozygous

2. Antithrombin III was high (clotting disorder)

3. Homocysteine was slightly high (13.1)

4. Progesterone low ( but I've know that and have used supplements in each pregnancy)

This time my regimen was:

1. Daily baby aspirin before BFP

2. Folgard (I took folate that I ordered online as well)

3. 200mg progesterone suppositories (3 times daily)

4. Lovenox injections after BFP

Even after all of this I am still going to lose this pregnancy. I don't know if I can do this anymore. It's taking over my life. I hate the person it has made me. When women around me become pregnant I congratulate them and act happy for them but on the inside I'm dying. I envy them and compare myself to them. I say why not me? I hate that. I feel so weak eight now. I need help. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks for taking the time to read this.