mother in law

Emily • Happily married 8/6/16 <3 Baby 1 born 9/26/17 Baby 2 born 5/14/19
What do you do when you feel your mother in law is stepping on your toes? 
She's super excited and I have no right to take that happiness away. However I feel she is being way to overbearing and way to freaking excited. She is saying it's her child and "our" child is referring to me and her. 
She always has to touch my belly, even when I ask her not to. 
She is a gentle soul and I love her. Just feel like she won't listen, she's a well intended woman <3 honestly
Just tired of her overbearing me. I want my moms place to be my moms place, not my mother-in-law to try and fit my moms place unitentionally. I feel if I say anything of the sort I'll get serious back lash. 
I've been angry at her for a few days. Even when I try letting it go. 
It's my baby and by child and MY parents grandbaby. Not her child. Not her kid. Yes it's her grandbaby. And she has stated before, "I'm living vicariously through you and my son because I wasn't there for my own daughters prgnancy" 
(Side note - my sil moved away at 19, got married to army ranger, and got pregnant by 20, and had her kid without my MIL there) 
I feel my mother in law is being to clingy to our (my husband's and my) situation and that she keeps grasping harder than she knows. Not realizing it's driving me away to not let her near my baby. 
I know I'm emotional, and that I probably should have given her warning that I wouldn't talk to her for a few days, or that I'm working through things. I don't want to even be curtious to her. It's that difficult with my emotions. (Which is why I'm not texting her/talking to her) 
I don't plan or hope to be mad long. 
What would you have done ?????