How would you react? What do you think?

When I met my partner 7 years ago he was a fitness nut and had a crazy body. What I didn't know was that he used steroids. Obviously overtime as we dated I figured it out. He hasn't used it consistently in years but always is dabbing his feet in it. He will get it, do it for six months. Do it again etc. I really don't like him doing it. I know that he did it before we met but I'm against it for a bunch of reasons. I personally think it's really vain, I don't know why he wants to be so cut, I am not a fitness person at all, it makes me a little insecure. He says that he just wants to be the best form of himself, I look at it like it's an attention thing. We are married now and I completely trust him and know that he is faithful, but I don't want him using steroids. It's illegal here in the US, I don't know the effects on his health but he smokes cigarettes on top of it so the combination can't be great?! Anyway I just found out he sent some money to a relative to buy it for him and basically did it behind my back. I expressed to him my distaste for it but he is going to do it anyway.. what do you guys think? Other than that my husband is a great person he takes care of us emotionally and financially, he's a great spouse and helper. Do you think I need to let this go or continue to fight against it? My husband is gorgeous as is and he really doesn't need steroids in my opinion, but I think it speaks on his character and desire for attention or approval?! He would completely disagree with me but I can't relate. 🙍🏻 honest perspectives/advice are welcome.