Pregnant? Me? What do I do now?

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So I knew last week before my missed period I was pregnant. No test. I just KNEW I was pregnant.

So I went to work this week and that's when I normally get my period is this week at work (set rotating shifts so during my 4 graveyards I'm usually on my period too)

And she never came.

And I REALLY had to pee. And I had cramps but no period. And my breasts were sore. And I was bloated. AND I AM EXHAUSTED. My normal PMS but without the usual stabbing pain in my right side.

But I was like... I didn't start... so I grabbed P-Tests and they both came up STRIKINGLY positive.

I cried on my boyfriend's chest. Mixture of happy/scared/exhausted

Did I mention I'm effing tired?

I didn't plan this. (I didn't not plan it we weren't using BC or protection and had sex while I was ovulating)

But point is I had no plans. My 10 years sexually active I've never been CAREFUL and never had THIS occur.

I have no OB/GYN

Do I call my PCP? Do I tell them I need to get a Pregnancy test done?

When do I do this?

I know I'm pregnant. I work at a factory. Do I tell them now or wait till after my first appointment?

I'm 25 and this is my first is there risks cause I'm 25?