So i started bleesing last night bright red spotting at around 11pm and at 16 weeks 3 days after a few minutes it stopped so i kept my cool till this morning woke up at half 5 am to yet more bleeding still kept my cool as i wasnt cramping at all and rang my doctors at half 8 am when they opened anyways mamage to get my self seen at the hospital instead of the doctors got checked everything fine cervix was high and closed like it should be and baby had a good strong heart beat doctir was haooy with everything and didnt have any concerns but tbecause the bleed had stop she couldnt say why or where is was coming from she took swabs incase of infections anyways got home and still no bleeding and then just now gone to thw toilet and boom there blood again bright red again same as last night just spotting with no cramps should i be worried or just try and chill out and put it down to a normal bleed?? Sorry for the long story lol and thanks for reading