Tiny houses for low income families. Yay or nay?


So there's a project going down in Detroit. They're building tiny homes for people with low incomes. Someone who makes $10k a year can be a home owner and have it paid off within seven years. I believe its $250 a month. But after its paid off they can keep it, sell it for $50-60k, give it to their kids, etc. They have two homes built so far and 18 more are set to go up. Do you think this is a great idea? Why or why not?

When I saw this, I thought it was a good idea. Gives people more opportunities and they own good looking homes. I'm glad to see more things like this happening. My only issue is a family with low income. I know families live in tiny homes, but I fail to see how as I've seen two people struggle to live in a tiny home.

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