No birth plan

I am 27 weeks today and i have no birth plan. About 2 1/2years ago in December I had twins 2 fraternal boys but they were suplose to be born in January and i think i caused them to be born early. On my eighth month we took a two hour trip out of town and i ate at a hooters really spice wings (heard that you can go into labor with really spicy foo). And i feel like it was my fault we went saturday came back that night. On sunday i had a super high fever of 103 we went to the emergency rrom and they just gave meeds but i felt really like weird like not right so the said that on monday to go to my dr. So i did that monday and i still had a fever of 103 and all 3 of us had a high heart rate so she sent me to the emergency room where the put an IV in and monitored us. My dr. wanted me to have them naturally and 1 am on tuesday my water broke and all day i had like soft mild discomfort in my waist (contractions well my version) and she wanted them naturally by 9:00 pm they were preping me for a c section. Which was fine but now im having a baby and having my tubes tied at the same time and i feel overwhelmed because i dnt have a birth plan and i have a feeling she will be here early.