I found out a have a lifetime std😣😭

A few months ago I found out I have herpes, I caught it from my ex & have been living with it for almost 2yrs b4 I found out. I'm currently dating someone & I haven't told him bcos I'm scared he's going to judge me & flipped as we have been having sex. Its been killing me not telling him. We use condoms at all times & I've been lucky it's at time when I'm not having a break. I just came to terms with it. I feel like my life is over and I won't be able to have a proper relationship with someone as I feel I'm damage goods.

I just want to know if anyone been in my situation or know anyone who has how they deal it. It's gonna be hard to read some of ur comments but I guessed it will prepare me in real life situation when I start to tell others. I only told 3 of my friends.