sugar daddy

So I have a sugar daddy but he doesn't know he's my sugar daddy. I met him months ago and he's always liked me but I never paid him no mind and every time he'd give me his number I'd throw it away. Well a month ago I finally agreed to go do lunch with him.. i figured ill just hear him out and see what he's about but I'll never give him a chance to be more than friends (he's 20 years older than me and I just don't find him attractive PLUS I just noticed he looks like my dad). So anyways the day we went for lunch all he could talk about was wanting to spoil me and make sure I'm taken care of and how in love he is with me (mind you this is the first time we've ever had a real conversation) and so he started giving me cash for whatever and always buy me food. Also I have never even kissed or done anything with the guy, I think he's just infatuated. I'm only going to keep this going until Mid July when I pay off this loan. My friend says what if he's lowkey crazy and ends up wanting to hurt me... What do you guys think? Is it such a bad idea? 
Oh and I do have a job, it's just extra cash on the side