Horrible pharmacist!!!

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I went to the ER on Thursday night due to heavy bleeding and severe cramping four days after I started my unfortunate miscarriage. I was 9 weeks pregnant. 

The ER doctor who helped me was incredibly nice and tried to make my stay as comfortable as possible. After her examinations she informed me that everything was going as it was suppose to and that I would be bleeding for about another week. But she had to consult with an OB doctor who was located a city away. He recommended that I take misoprostol to speed up the miscarriage process and complete it in a few days. The ER doctor explained that I would experience more severe cramping and heavier bleeding too. She prescribed me two more medications for pain and nausea and then I was discharged in less than 2 hours.

When I went to their 24 hour pharmacy I was almost brought to tears. One of the female pharmacist informed me that one of the medication was not in stock. I asked her which one and she said to me "the medication  for unwanted pregnancies". Those were her very exact words! I was so shocked and incredibly hurt! This was my first pregnancy and my husband and I planned it! You know, even though we just suffered a loss we have been keeping our heads up and staying positive. My husband has been very supportive and caring and I know I wouldn't be so strong with out his strength. But this lady almost broke me!

My husbands firm tone surprised the pharmacist. He told her we'll take the two medications and then we left. Once outside he grabbed and comforted me immediately. I instantly felt so much better. 

Her words didn't really hit me until the next morning when I was alone and driving to work. I started to cry and I felt so weak. I couldn't believe some stranger could hurt me like that. 

I will be making a complaint once I feel better and get back to normal. I don't want anyone else having horrible words like that being said to them.